So what’s all the fuss about Shakeology? Is it a weight-loss shake like everything else out there? Why is it so expensive? Is it really worth it? Well…I’m all about being transparent so instead of just telling you how great Shakeology is and what it’s made of, I’m going to tell you my real story, how against it I was and why that changed…

Why I Was So Against It

When I first decided to sign up for a challenge pack I had no money (literally) and needed the business opportunity day one. I decided to become a coach to pay for my own product and make some money while getting back into shape at home. But when I saw the price of Shakeology, I was like: “There’s no way!” It was SO expensive, in my frugle opinion, and I don’t really believe in shakes anyways so I told my coach I wasn’t interested. I have always believed that people are all trying to sell you something but in reality, you just need to exercise and eat well, and that’s all there is too it. I truly didn’t think that anything else was necessary. In fact, the only reason I ended up even trying Shakeology at all was because it was so much more cost-effective to get it with my program than getting the program by itself (you save by bundling the two in something called a challenge pack), and because when you buy a challenge pack the coaching part is free. I was pretty skeptical of the shake though, especially the claim that it would take away my sweet cravings. But I figured that if I didn’t like it or if it didn’t work for me that I could just return it and get every penny back. So, I decided to take the leap. And I’ll be honest, I didn’t love Shakeology day one, or even week one, but I kept trying. I played with the recipe and within a few weeks I fell in love. Now it tastes almost as good as a milkshake! I LOVE it for so many reasons, from how convenient it makes it for me to eat super healthy at least once a day to the fact that my toddler and husband love it too! And even though I was certain it was impossible, Shakeology has taken away my cravings completely as well, which has been nothing short of life-changing for me!

Why Is It So Expensive?

I thought Shakeology was crazy expensive and definitely more than I could afford to continue drinking, so what happened? Well, interestingly enough, I discovered that the shake actually saves me money! It replaces one meal per day that I don’t buy (insert lower grocery bills here), it has reduced my cravings for sweets (insert less candy, ice-cream and baked good purchases here), and since I can whip it up in 60 seconds when I’m too low on time to fix a healthy meal, I drink it instead of buying convenience foods or swinging by a drive-thru (insert no more needless spending at drive-thrus here). And trust me, all those things really add up! Just think of how much you normally pay for a salad at any restaurant or drive-thru. I would say that bare minimum would be about $8. I can guarantee that one salad has nothing close to the nutritional value of Shakeology (keep reading for more on that) and it’s double the price. So yes, even though it seems expensive, it actually saves me money because I’m purchasing 30 super nutritious meals at once instead of paying more for them over the course of the month one at a time. We pay for convenience everywhere we go, and we pay a lot more for someone else to spend their time making us something than if we just did it ourselves. Most of us easily spend $4 on a Starbucks latte that is full of sugar and empty calories, but it would be much wiser to spend it on a nutrition shake that will do so much more good for your body. It’s all about how we choose to spend our money and what our priorities are.

One of my challengers who was very skeptical of the shake upfront did some research and found that she was spending about $2.60 – $3 for each smoothie she made on her own before she tried Shakeology, depending on the ingredients she chose that day, and she wasn’t even using a protein powder or pricey superfoods. Shakeology can cost anywhere from $3.78 – $4.33 a day for each shake (the lower price is if you sign up for the free coach membership to get it at a 25% discount). But with Shakeology you’re getting so many more nutrients and vitamins that you couldn’t possibly get from a sugary smoothie.

That’s really what put me over the edge in terms of getting Shakeology. The nutritional profile is so impressive! I have researched the ingredients like crazy and am still amazed at how good they are and what they do for my health, especially compared to the major competitors out there. Yes, you can find cheaper options but cheap is as cheap does. I only get one body, so I don’t want to be putting cheap, fake and processed things into it. Shakeology is my prevention against future problems, my busy-mom lifesaver and a sure way to make sure my toddler is getting all the nutrients he needs! I’m getting over 70 nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, adaptogen herbs and antioxidants from each scoop that I couldn’t possibly get on my own all in one meal. What’s not to love about that?! It boosts my energy, supports weight loss, regulates digestion, cuts cravings, improves hair skin and nails, and so much more! And unlike 90% of the shakes out there, it doesn’t have artificial flavors, sweeteners, or soy-based proteins! Check out this 60 second video if you want to know exactly what is in it!


Other Common Misconceptions

I had a lot of misconceptions about Shakeology before I knew anything about it, which is very common. Since I am confronted with these misconceptions daily, I decided to add them to this post. I spent a lot of time researching that I’m sure most people wouldn’t, but it is my hope that by spending my time gathering the facts and putting it all in one spot, it’ll make it easier for my clients to educate themselves quickly and easily.

#1: It’s just a protein shake

Shakeology is not just a protein shake like most people think. All shakes are NOT created equal, especially ones that contain superfoods! Shakeology is a nutrient-dense meal replacement shake that can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yes it has protein in it, of course, but it also has so much more! Truth be told, most people are way more nutrient deficient than they are aware, so why stop at just protein? Each scoop of Shakeology has the nutritional equivalent of 7 raw carrots, 3 cups of romaine lettuce, 4 cups of radishes, 3 raw onions, 10 cups of raw cauliflower, 4 cups of broccoli, 4 cups of mushrooms, 1 cup of peas, 1 shot of wheatgrass, 1 bowl of exotic fruit, and 4 cups of non-fat yogurt!!! C’mon you guys, that’s crazy! You could never eat all that on your own at one meal, you probably couldn’t get your hands on all of it or afford to, and I’m sure you wouldn’t have the time to chop and prepare it all! Shakeology makes it very easy to cut your calories without substantially cutting your daily volume of nutrients needed.

#2: It’s processed 

Shakeology is not just a bunch of processed foods and extracts. Unlike 90% of the other shakes on the market, Shakeology uses only the highest quality ingredients from whole foods and do not use any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or soy-based proteins.  The whole food ingredients in Shakeology are considered raw because they are not dried or heated above temperatures of 115 degrees. The creators of Shakeology are very careful to minimize the processing of all of the ingredients in Shakeology to preserve the natural phytonutrients from the superfoods in it, which is not easy with whole, plant-based superfoods. In fact, there is a whole team of scientists who are dedicated solely to maximizing the nutrition in each ingredient. Now that is pretty awesome!

#3: It’s Only for People Trying to Lose Weight

Most shakes are marketed as weight-loss shakes because most people are trying to lose weight and anything low enough in calories will result in weight loss. Drinking a weight-loss shake alone does not mean you are going to lose weight, however, and interestingly enough, getting in too few calories will actually block your efforts to lose weight! So many of my clients who come to me very overweight are not eating nearly often enough and as a result, they have put their bodies into starvation mode and anything they do put it gets stored as fat. Sadly, they usually have no idea that eating more, and not less, is actually what they need.

So no, Shakeology is not a weight-loss shake. It’s a nutrition shake that will help you lose weight because it’s all about proper health. When we put the right foods into our bodies, not only do our bodies function properly, heal, recover, repair, and thrive, we will also have more energy, less cravings for sugar and junk, and we will feel better than we ever have before. Not everyone needs to lose weight but everyone needs to be healthy.

If you have any questions about Shakeology, leave a comment or shoot me a message. If you’re interested in trying a sample, click here! If you’re thinking about ordering a bag, click on the image below!

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