I am so excited to announce that Beachbody’s Health Bet is back by popular demand! If you didn’t hear about it the first time, then you’re in the right place. Back in September, Beachbody decided to make a bet with anyone who joined a challenge group and commited to drinking Shakeology and pushing play on a workout for four weeks. If any participant logged just five shakes and three workouts per week in our fitness app (called the My Challenge Tracker), they won an equal share of a $2-3 million cash pot! Even better, of the people who participated in the Health Bet, three in four participants reported that they met their health and fitness goals! That’s a pretty high percentage, don’t you think?!

Every year Americans make health and fitness goals and New Year’s resolutions that go unmet. That’s why I can’t think of a better time to do another Health Bet than in January! What better way to kick off your 2017 health and fitness goals than with some extra motivation to stay committed, oh you know, like $2 million+ worth?!

Why You Should Try It

Millions of people flock to the gym on January 1st every year, but by the end of January or early February, more than 75% have already fallen off. Why? Because motivation dies. Life happens. Soreness gets in the way. We don’t know exactly what to do at the gym, in what order, at what frequency. We are busy and can’t get to the gym often enough to get the results we want. We forget about the importance of nutrition and mistakenly think that hitting the gym alone is enough. We don’t have the support and accountability we all need from time to time, if not daily, when we just don’t feel like it and when other things come up. And that is exactly why I LOVE what I offer as a coach to anyone who joins my challenge groups. Instead of a gym membership where you pay every month no matter how often you go, for something that gives you no personal trainer or nutritionist or anything like that unless you want to pay A LOT extra, when you decide to join one of my groups, you immediately get ME as your personal coach to help you along your journey. From helping you select the right program for you, to providing you with meal plans, clean eating recipes, fitness tips, encouragement, daily support and accountability, and free prizes to keep you motivated, I’ll be with you every step of the way! When I don’t see you checkin to the group for a day or two, you can expect me to checkin on you! You also get a fitness program tailored to your unique goals and needs that will ensure you get the results you want. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a personal trainer you might see twice a week, when for less than $150 you can get a top celebrity training in your living room every single day?! When you join my group, you will also receive a 30-day supply of Shakeology to help you nail your nutrition even when you’re super busy, combat cravings, aid in weight-loss, and get healthier from the inside out! Never heard of Shakeology or perhaps a little hesitant about shakes in general like I was? Click here to read my honest post all about it, including my own experience and common misconceptions. Even better, you get all of those things with a 30-day money back guarantee. That means you get to do one of our programs, try me out as a coach, and drink Shakeology for a whole month risk-free! If you don’t love your results and experience, you can send it all back for a full refund. When is the last time you heard of a gym letting you workout for a month that would reimburse you if you didn’t get great results?! That’s what I thought. And just in case you need one more reason to join, here it is: Beachbody runs awesome sales on challenge packs each month but they just announced that there will no longer be additional discounts on challenge packs starting in 2017. That means that December is the last month to take advantage of the lowest prices we offer!

I’m thinking this would make a pretty awesome Christmas gift to yourself. Because the truth is, new handbags, makeup and clothes aren’t really all that great when you don’t love the skin you’re in. If you truly want to feel better about yourself, improve your confidence, light up your marriage, develop a strength and self-discipline you never knew you had, and start making positive changes all across the board, then click below to join New Year, New You and let’s get you started!



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